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By 2nd January 2017 Hair Care
Hair Wraps - Hair Care

Winter can be a daunting season. The days get shorter, the air gets colder and your hair just doesn’t pop the same way it did in the summertime. Many naturalistas spend all year stocking up on the best products for November to roll around and deliver brittle strands, itchy scalps and breakage breakage breakage.

Just like our skin, you hair requires extra moisture during the cold months in order to smooth out the detangling process and eradicate knots. Although the thought of keeping afro hair healthy during this time can be a tough feat, thankfully with the correct hair care, you can give your curls the proper care and attention they need to stay looking fresh and more importantly, protected from harsh winter damage.

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Wash hair less

One easy tip to promote healthy locs is to shampoo with sulfate free products to avoid stripping hair of its natural oils. 

Reducing your regimen to shampooing every two weeks instead of one will retain moisture from and keep all the healthy natural oils your hair relies on to protect itself.

Wrap it up

Just like a silk or satin lined hat, wearing your hair wrapped in a headscarf is a simple way to protect your curls from harsh environments.

Hair Wraps - Hair Care

Giving your hair complete coverage away from winter air keeps moisture locked in and your ends safe from harm. Plus you’ll save time doing your hair in the morning and can experiment with different prints to fit whatever look you’re going for.

Satin lined hat - Hair Care

Silk/Satin lined hats

Most people are unaware of the damaging effects of wearing a winter hat on top of natural hair.

The majority of hats are lined with cotton or wool which absorb the moisture from your hair and will work to weaken hair follicles, leading to breakage. By picking up a silk or satin lined hat from your local natural hair shop you can avoid this damage, protect your hair growth and most importantly, keep your head insulated.

Protective Style

Protective styles are the most effective immediate way to protect your hair during the winter time.

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Braids, cornrows and weaves are easy low maintenance styles that minimise the damage caused by cold air and wind and are super easy to maintain. They require little daily manipulation, which in turn reduces breakage and allows hair to naturally grow from the root whilst still in the style, meaning you can rock this look much longer than when hair is loose.

Add extra moisture

Topping up your hair and scalp with extra moisture is vital during the colder months.

LOC Method - Hair Care

If you’re partial to a quick wash and go in the morning, make sure to use the LOC method by applying liquid first, sealing with oil and then coating in leave in conditioner. This helps lock in moisture and acts as a protective layer towards cold temperatures.

Protein treatments are also a great remedy for protecting hair as your follicles are naturally around 90% protein and this can be reduced in the winter time. Your hair relies on balancing its proteins, nutrients and oils so keeping these topped up is essential to strengthen hair follicles and treatments do just this, by creating a barrier around strands to block out damage.
Greasing your scalp doesn’t work for everyone, but for those who need it you will see an immediate effect on your hair. Greasing and oiling from the root locks in moisture and delivers it through your hair follicles so hair stays moisturised from the top down, promoting healthy growth.

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