Natural girls, here’s what’s actually in your hair products

By 12th February 2017 Hair Care

Natural girls, you’re wearing your hair in its natural style despite society’s pressures and that’s great. But whether you’ve been #teamnatural since birth, you’re currently transitioning or you’ve recently done the big chop, nothing quite sets you up for the confusing trip to the hair shop as a curly girl on the hunt for products that will work just right for you. Luckily, we’re here to help. From the sleekest edge control to the perfect leave in conditioner, we’re breaking down the pros and cons of some of the most popular brands on the market for natural hair and what they’re actually doing to your manes.

Shampoo – ORS Curls Unleashed

What’s in it: No sulfates

Sulfate free shampoo cleans hair whilst maintaining healthy natural oils without your hair feeling dirty


  • It leaves your curls tight, defined and bouncy
  • It doesn’t strip your hair of its natural oils
  • Maintains and retains healthy moisture


  • In comparison to shampoos with sulfate, ‘Curls Unleashed’ doesn’t lather in the same way so you may feel as if your hair isn’t being cleaned as much  
  • Although you’ll be left with more moisture, you may feel the need to overcompensate and use more than is necessary
ORS Curls Unleashed Shampoo - Hair Products
Argan Oil Edge Control - Hair Products

Edge control – Creme of Nature Perfect Edges with Argan oil

What’s in it: Argan Oil

Argan oil is a light oil that will soften all hair textures even with just a drop


  • Adds a whole lotta moisture whilst giving controlled edges to even the most hard-to-tame hair
  • The high oil content means it’s non sticky and non flaky
  • It works with all curl patterns, whether you’re natural or relaxed, this edge control has gotcha covered


  • As the oil becomes greasy quickly rather than firm, it doesn’t last on hair as long as we’d like
  • You will end up using a lot very quickly and as it’s currently only available in a 67ml sized tub you will be going back for more sooner than you thought

Conditioner – Cantu Deep Treatment Masque

What’s in it: Canola oil

Canola oil is part of the rapeseed family, a breed full of essential fatty acids. It’s a naturally edible oil that’s also found in many foods


  • Canola oil helps to prevent breakage by providing your hair with fatty acids and protein, which is great for hair growth
  • The masque is so rich in oils that a little really goes a long way
  • It contains over 8 essential oils, which also makes it smell great!


  • If you’re not used to having many oils in your hair, you may find this treatment a bit too heavy.
Cantu Conditioner - Hair Products
Mane choices leave-in - Hair Products

Leave in conditioner – The Mane Choice Detangler, Leave in conditioner

What’s in it: Chamomile oil and Aloe

Both ingredients comes from natural plant based substances. When processed they help aid dry and itchy scalps and improve hair growth


  • For those looking to grow their hair post big chop, this leave in conditioner is perfect to help hair stay healthy and avoid breakage
  • It keeps hair hydrated and nourished, which is perfect for those living in colder climates
  • The combination of oils will leave hair feeling noticeably softer and tangle free  


  • Because it provides hair with so much moisture, you may find it overcompensates on volume and body for certain hair types
  • It’s not as effective on all hair types

Moisturiser – Lotta Body Moisturise Me Curl & Style Milk

What’s in it: Coconut oil and Shea oil

Both natural oils, shea is a fat extracted from a nut from the African Shea tree and coconut oil is extracted from the kernel of the mature coconuts harvested from coconut palm


  • The mixture of oils leaves hair feeling soft and silky which helps tame frizz for longer periods of time
  • It is equally as effective when applied to wet, damp or dry hair
  • Whether you’re relaxed, transitioning or completely natural, this product works!


  • Relaxed hair may occasionally need additional moisture added as Lotta Body doesn’t last quite as long on treated tresses
  • It has quite a strong scent, so those looking for a subtle fragrance may want to reconsider
Lotta body moisturiser - Hair Products
Blue Magic Castor Oil - Hair Products

Oil – Blue Magic Organics castor oil

What’s in it: Castor oil

Castor oil is a natural vegetable oil with many health benefits that originates from Africa and India


  • It treats your scalp and leaves it feeling thoroughly moisturised from the root
  • The natural vegetable oil properties seal hair follicles to prevent breakage and promote hair growth
  • Despite being oil, hair is left feeling clean and fresh because of its healthy conditioning properties


  • It has a strong smelling fragrance
  • Blue magic is a light thick grease, so for those looking for a heavy dense substance, you’re better looking elsewhere

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