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By 18th January 2021 Education, Self Love

Self-love starts by knowing who we are…

We wait too long to realise that when you learn to love yourself, it doesn’t matter who loves you.

I’ve always been really modest with self-promotion but in this case, I didn’t want to silence myself anymore. I’ve co-written and self-published an amazing children’s book called Ava’s…Magical Hair Adventures.

It’s a fantasy fiction book aimed at 3-5-year olds. This book is the first of a series and opens with the introduction of Ava and her loving black family; the distress of getting her hair done forces Ava to wish upon a star to find out why she needs to get her hair done. 

Authors Chanel and Telena with the book

She then gets taken on a magical adventure, to explore hair through history and time, helping Ava understand the beauty behind her roots.

It has an empowering and educative message. As Hairy Fairy moves through the history and time in the story, Ava can relate the hairstyles back to her own family, now with reasoning and purpose behind it.

You’re drawn into the emotional awakening Ava has of herself and the people around her. You see her overcome beauty standards and feel a part of something.
She falls in love with the history of her hair.

The idea for this book came from me and the co-writer’s background of having worked closely with children in different industries and witnessing the personal struggles children go through with no real understanding or resource to overcome it.

As adults, we all have stories of past awkward conversations and experiences we had about our hair and now in 2021 there is a new generation of people young and old taking back control of their beauty and not basing their standards on someone else opinion or what is popular.

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We wait too long to realise that when you learn to love yourself it doesn’t matter who loves you. In addition to these points, we also felt there was a gap in the children’s literacy market to make a fantasy fiction Fairytale book, that is engaging and detailed enough to represent a group of people that have always felt left out. We want Hair Fairy to become a household name and every young girl to see themselves in Ava and her journey.

Even when developing the characters including Ava’s family the priority was to accurately reflect a black family. We did this by observing day-to-day experiences that were around us, which allowed us to see different family perspectives and effective approaches to self-love in a black space. Our interactions with each other from a young age shape who are as an adult and it’s that constant love, guidance, and support that gives enough strength to be independent as we get older.

Our aim for the series is to inform and educate children on hair stigmas and how they can be overcome, through learning. This means giving children the tools and resources they need to learn their history and therefore themselves. From hair loss, length, colour, and texture. Let’s not wait any longer to teach children the power of self-love.

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